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louisprofile1Dear Travelers,

My name is Aloysius Soehartim Karya. Family and friends call me Louis. I am a native of Flores, Komodo Island, born and raised in the kingdom of Komodo dragons. I studied tourism in high school and have worked as a guide at Batu Cermin Cave and naturalist guide on Komodo Island. Currently, I work independently as a tour guide for the island of Flores and Komodo National Park.

Flores Island is unique among the islands in Indonesia. As the Indonesian tourism industry has been growing rapidly in the last couple of years, I decided to build this website to showcase the wonderful tourism opportunities on my island. I want to dedicate my time serving visitors to Flores who are seeking pleasure through such activities as island hopping, snorkeling, trekking/hiking, bird watching, and exploring the traditional culture and hidden treasures of Flores.

If you are planning a trip to Flores and/or Komodo National Park, consider hiring me as your private tour guide. My aim as your guide is to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment from your vacation in my native country. There is so much to do and so much to see it can be overwhelming, but in the company of an experienced tour guide you can ensure that you gain the most from your time in Flores. With a warm heart, I really welcome everyone who wishes to come and visit Flores. I’m ready to accompany you to make your visit an unforgettable experience.

This amazing video will give you a glimpse of the hidden treasures of Flores Island.

Thank you for visiting, I would love to hear from you.


Featured Tours


Traditional Village Life

Witness traditional life in Flores with a visit to one of the many traditional villages where residents maintain indigenous cultures, living just as their ancestors did centuries ago. The main attraction of these villages is the chance to see and experience distinctive cultures that remain free from influences of modernization.


Flores Island Discovery

Our Flores Island Discovery Tour provides the most inclusive tour of Flores Island beginning in the eastern part of Flores in Maumere ending in Labuan Bajo, the western part of Flores. Visit traditional villages, pristine beaches, volcano lakes, terraced rice fields, waterfalls, uninhabited islands, and spectacular scenery.


Komodo National Park

Observe the dragons on Komodo Island and/or Rinca Island. Choose from treks of different duration, visit the people of Komodo Village, and go snorkeling in crystal clear waters. At special request, we can arrange for you to have the rare opportunity of observing the rangers feeding the Komodo dragons.



For all you non-divers that want the diving experience we offer snorkeling in crystal clear and calm waters at the various islands of Flores. See the beautiful coral reefs, colorful tropical fish, manta rays, and other unique marine animals that can be easily observed during your snorkeling.

Sample Itineraries

Visit our Sample Itineraries section to get a feel for what we offer. Our sample itineraries are there to show you a sampling of the types of trips we can arrange. Your personal itinerary will be designed to suit your interests, trip duration, and budget.